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HD Brows

This is a great option for those with sparse or unruly brows who want a fuller, look but not quite ready for semi-permanent micro-blading.

No matter how thin, or how sparse.. High Definition brows (HD) can work wonders for you. Even after your first appointment, you will notice the “high definition shape” take place.

High definition brow’s is a combination cosmetic treatment that skillfully blends brow shaping with makeup application for seriously sleek brows.

Over the past 5 years, eyebrows have become A REALLY BIG thing. Most women now days, no matter what age group are wondering how they can win back their over plucked brows or create that sort after shape.

What to expect:

High definition, formally known as HD brows is a 30 minute treatment that involves tinting, waxing, threading, tweezing, trimming, penciling, powdering and taming. By tinting the brows, this helps the therapist assess how thick your eyebrows actually are as the tint will grip any blonde hairs around the eyebrow bone. This will essentially create a thicker looking eyebrow. The shape mainly comes from the waxing. The therapist has been trained with a special technique to use warm wax to create a beautiful soft arch as best they can with the amount of hair you have to work with. Tweezing is used to remove any left behind stubborn hairs and we trim any longer hair that doesn’t sit within the lines we are trying to perfect. Threading is used to finalise and sharpen the perfect eyebrow shape as well as remove any baby hair that makeup likes to sit in.

A brow beater, which is a coloured eyebrow mascara will be brushed through your eyebrow hair to help train the hairs to grow and sit in place. Minimal High definition makeup and pencil is also used to fill in any gaps you may have and to show you where you need to fill in in-between appointments.

Eyebrows can take up to a year to grow back fully, some eyebrows unfortunately don’t grow back at all. High definition is a great place to start as a guidance to perfect brows. Your therapist will be able to assess each time you come back how long it may you take you to get the brows you’ve longed for.

After care:

High definition brows are recommended to have done every 6 weeks, or depending on your hair growth, sooner or later. Every time you come back to have the treatment again, (if your eyebrow hair grows) there will be more hair to work with, leaving you with a fuller, thicker, better result every time.

It is important to not sun bathe or use the sun beds after having any type of waxing treatment including high definition brows done, as the skin needs 24 hours to recover. Also avoid saunas and steam rooms.

Don’t apply any products to the skin such as fake tan and perfumed creams or any anti-aging products as this could cause a reaction.

Patch tests are required at least 48 hours before the treatment is performed.

£25.00 – HD brows