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How do I book in/make contact with MH?

How do I book in/make contact with MH?

You can call us on 07494306668  message our Facebook page or inbox us on Instagram and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Typically messages on Facebook and phone calls are answered Monday-Saturday between 9am-5pm.  

What are the opening times?

Silke will work some long hours to accommodate her large client base so her hours aren’t always set. You can make bookings between the hours of 9am – 7pm Monday to Friday, Saturdays are available upon request.


Can I bring my child in the salon?

We are sorry we are unable to have children and babies in the cabin, we love them but our chemicals don’t! Mudhoney isn’t very big so buggies and extra bodies can take up a little too much room in the treatment room. We want you to relax as much as possible and we can’t watch your little ones and do your treatment. We hope you understand.

What is the difference between classic lashes and Russian volume?

Classic lash extensions are where one false eye lash is safely attached with glue to one isolated natural lash. This technique is repeated over and over until most, if not all of your natural lashes are covered by a lash extension.

Russian volume (also known as 2D-8D) is where the technician uses very fine lashes to create a fan. Depending how thick you want your lashes to be, the fans can have between 2-8 lashes per each one. This tiny weightless fan is then applied safety with adhesive to each one of your natural isolated lashes. Russian Volume Lashes are also softer and fluffier looking than the classic lash extension.


Hybrid lashes are simply a mix of the two! If you love the feel of Russian lashes, but prefer a more natural look, and classics are just a little too natural.. you can have both mixed together to create a wispy, soft texture. It's a win win!

How long will my lashes last?

Both Russians and classics last as long as your own natural lash cycle lasts which is usually 3 weeks before you need infill’s or 6 weeks before you need a full set.

How long do lashes and other treatments take?

Typically, a treatment at Mudhoney can take an hour to two hours depending on what you are booked in for. If you need an exact time, please call and ask for more information, we will be happy to help.


Do I need a patch test?

Yes. We need to patch test you at least 48 hours before your appointment with the adhesive or any product we use. It is important to know that even if you have a patch test without a reaction, you can still react to the treatment preformed or at a later date. Your body can build up an intolerance to certain products naturally meaning we can no longer do the treatment you reacted to.

How do I know if I’m having a reaction?


Reactions can occur at any time and show in a few different ways. Normally if you were to react to an eyelash extension you may firstly experience some itching or flaky skin around your eyelid area. This can calm down after a few days, but the next time you have infill’s or a new set of eyelash extensions the reaction can show up with swollen, irritated eyes. It is very important that you tell your lash technician if you experience any signs of irritation so we can take a look, and remove them if necessary. Further treatments will be cancelled due to salon policy as unfortunately we cannot apply your lashes for you again knowing you have reacted to them.

Will I react again if I had a long break from lash extensions?

Yes. Unfortunately, you can no longer have eyelash extensions. Your body has built up an intolerance to the glue and will no longer fight the reaction, even if you leave it a year before you have them again.

Is there an alternative lash treatment to lash extensions?

Yes, you can try the LVL lash lift treatment which involves different products to lash extensions which usually suit people who have had previous reactions. For more information take a look at our treatment list and click on LVL.

My lashes are sparse/short/fine/curly – Can I have eyelash extensions?

Most clients are good candidates for lash extensions. Silke will help you create a look to suit your eye shape and natural lash. If you are really concerned, consider a free consultation to discuss a design that best suits you.

How do I look after my eyelash extensions?


We recommend you keep your new eyelash extensions dry for the first 24 hours. After the first 24 hours if you do get them wet, it is best to blot them dry as they retain water and then give them a brush with a lash brush. We recommend you brush your lashes daily to avoid any tangles and cleanse your lashes at least 2-3 times a week with an oil free lash cleanser. You can pick up a free lash brush after your appointment with Silke and we sell oil free lash cleansers.

How do I remove my lashes?

It is recommended that you book in to have your lashes removed professionally, however, we understand time is precious so we do sell lash remover kits so you can carefully remove your lashes in the comforts of your own home when it suits you.

Can I wear makeup on my lash extensions?

We advise you to keep makeup away from your lash extensions. Mascara clogs them up and breaks down the glue. It is also hard to remove all traces of makeup from your lashes resulting in bacteria build up. If you do wear makeup on or around your eyes, we advise you use an oil free lash friendly cleanser and remove it with a lint free makeup wipe at the end of the day.

Can I book in for lash fixes weekly or every two weeks?

Lash fixes are simply for clients who have had a set done with one of our artists, experiencing an issue within the first 7 days. We don’t offer a lash fix as a service in-between lash infill appointments as this can cause lash damage. It is important to let your natural lash cycle drop lashes over the course of three weeks before applying more.

Do I need a patch test for HD brows, wax and tints and micro-blading?

Yes, it is our policy to patch test for all lash and brow treatments 24-48 hours before your appointment as some treatments involve products to touch the skin.

How long will my HD brow treatment last?

On average, the effects of the treatment last 4-6 weeks. This can differ due to a number of factors, including how fast your hair grows, your skin care regime etc. Silke, your Hd brow stylist will be able to advise you on how long you will get from this treatment and recommend how often you should get them done.

How long will my HD brow treatment last?

On average, the effects of the treatment last 4-6 weeks. This can differ due to a number of factors, including how fast your hair grows, your skin care regime etc. Silke, your Hd brow stylist will be able to advise you on how long you will get from this treatment and recommend how often you should get them done.

I am pregnant, can I have my eyebrows done?

If you are expecting, unfortunately we can’t tint or tattoo your eyebrows until after you give birth. If you decide to breast feed, you can’t have micro blading until after you have finished. Please always let us know if you are pregnant in advance.

Does medication effect the beauty treatments you offer?

Yes, please tell us at the time of booking and treatment what medication you are on as there are some treatments we can’t do if you are on certain medication.

Do I need to pay a deposit for any MH treatments?

We take deposits for large bookings/parties, and semi-permanent treatments. We can accept Paypal deposits, bank transfers or cash deposits in the salon.


Do I need a top up after my first session of semi-permanent makeup?

One free top up is included in the initial price six to eight weeks later after your first session. It is completely up to you if you want to have your free top up or not. Some client’s find they love the shade and shape of their brows after one session and decide to leave them as they are. Please note, if the top up appointment isn’t taken within the first 8 weeks, you will lose this free top up and there may be a charge later on if you decide you do want to have one done.