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Lash aftercare – Tips and tricks for longer lasting lash extensions.

  • Please avoid steam rooms and saunas and sunbeds for the first 24 hours and don’t get them wet
  • Don’t pick or pull at your lashes
  • Brush your lashes daily
  • Don’t use mascara on your lashes unless the mascara is designed for extensions.
  • Use oil free makeup remover on and around your lashes
  • Don’t attempt to perm or use lash curlers on your eyelash extensions
  • Book your maintenance appointment with your Mudhoney lash artist for three weeks time

LVL lash lift aftercare:

For the first 48 hours after your lash lift, please avoid getting your lashes wet. Also avoid saunas, steam rooms and swimming as this could manipulate your lashes into different positions or affect the lift.

Try to avoid touching or rubbing your lashes, or introducing foreign bodies into the treatment area. When you have the LVL treatment, you must not perm your lashes again for another 8 weeks or use lash curlers.

Please remember, if you sleep on a particular side, you may notice that these lashes on the side you sleep on look a little different to your other eye. This is because your lashes are naturally manipulated when your face is against a pillow throughout the night. When you’ve had the LVL treatment it is best to try and avoid sleeping with your face against the pillow to keep them looking equal.

Lash tint aftercare:

  • Please avoid strong UV light as this can fade the tint quicker.
  • Avoid eye makeup for the first 12 hours.
  • Avoid touching/rubbing your eyes straight after the tint application.
  • Do not have a hot bath/shower or use a sauna, steam room or swimming pool for 24 hours.

Semi-permanent makeup after care

How to get the best results from your fabulous new brows.

Please keep your new semi-permanent eyebrows dry and safe from any UV rays for the first 10 days. By keeping them dry helps them to retain more detail, better colour and more perfect ombre.

Keep your face directly out of the shower stream whilst washing your hair.

When washing your face, work around your eyebrows with a wet cloth. Should you accidentally get your brows wet, pat them dry with a paper towel.

Do not apply any products on to your brows for at least 10 days. If you start to feel a little dry or tight around day 7 post treatment, you can apply a small amount of coconut oil if needed to gently moisturise the area once a day.

No heavy exercising or sweating for at least 10 days (please avoid gym sessions) as this can encourage colour loss.

After 10 days you can wash your face and brows with a gentle face wash daily.

If you have any more questions about the healing process of your eyebrows, feel free to get in touch so we can help you.

HD brow and simple Brow wax and tint aftercare:

Avoid extreme heat treatments (e.g very hot baths or showers, saunas, steam rooms)

Avoid swimming and any other exposure to UV light for 24 hours.

Try and avoid exercise or excess sweating for 24 hours.

Do not apply any perfumed products to the area for 24 hours.

Wash your hands before scratching or touching the area.

Avoid the use of make-up on the waxed or threaded area for 24 hours apart from mineral make-up or specialist post-treatment products.

No self-tanning products to the area for 24 hours. Self-tanning products may alter the tint colour, so we recommend using these with caution around your brows at all in between tinting treatments.

The use of harsh make-up cleansing products could prematurely reduce your brow tint. Avoid the use of such products at all in-between treatments to prolong the colour retention of your tint.

Do not pluck or tweeze in-between appointments particularly in areas where your therapist has advised re-growth.

Botched ink aftercare

For the first 48 hours:

Any redness surrounding the treated area subsides within an hour or two. Redness within the treated area becomes brown as the skin dries out. The treated area must be allowed to fully dry out over the next 48 hours. If the skin is not allowed to dry out quickly you will not get the best results.

Saline wound care wipes can be used to gently remove excess oil. Do not use any other aftercare products during this initial drying out phase.

Do not get the area wet or sweaty for 48 hours. Please avoid the gym.

After 48 hours:

The area is now very dry and a light scab will have formed. You may see pigment visable in the scab.

One single application of Cavilon barrier cream can be applied on and slightly around the scab. This single application will last 3-4 days, leaving a soft film over the scab. You can now get the area a little wet when washing and showering. Please avoid rubbing the area after wetness, gently hold a clean tissue to dry it out.

No excessive wetting the area, no swimming and no exercising while the scab is on. Depending on the area treated, the scab will remain firmly attached for 5-14 days.

Excessive movements are likely to crack the scab which is not ideal for easy healing. Do not attempt to remove the scab before it naturally heals away from the treated area.

The scab might be held in natural brow hair, this is completely normal and at no time can you pick off attached scabs, you will cause un-wanted results.