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Classic Lashes

This type of lash extension has been around for the longest but still going strong as a popular option. Your lash technician will carefully isolate each of your natural lashes and extend one at a time. Classic lashes are made with a synthetic material and create a natural looking lash. They are completely vegan friendly and once you start you’ll totally be hooked.

Infill’s are needed at the three-week mark. This is when you’ve lost around half of the amount of synthetic lashes due to your natural lash cycle. We spend your hour appointment tidying them up for you, carefully removing lashes that are loose and have grown out. We will then fill them in by working around the lashes that are still attached and set you free for another three weeks, fluttering those lashes like a queen.

Once you’ve fallen hard for classics, you wait until you’ve tried the Russians…

£50.00 for a full set

£35.00 for an infill