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Covid 19

Our cabin studio:

• We have arranged the salon space to adhere to social distancing guidelines
• Every surface will be cleaned regularly and wiped with the appropriate sanitiser between each appointment
• All items of equipment will be disinfected before and after each service
• Disposable gowns and couch roll will be used at all times
• We will ensure adequate ventilation throughout the salon with doors and windows open when possible

Your beauty therapist:

• I am highly trained to care for my customers in a safe, hygienic and professional manner
• If anyone is to work along side me, they will be made aware of social distancing, hygiene and client care. A staff communal area will not be available.
• PPE will be replaced after every client
• New clients will have a virtual consultation to assess their needs and ensure the right appointment time is allocated
• In salon consultations will unfortunately no longer be available, everything will be done online by sending photos if required via email/social media platforms.

Client arrival and reception:

• As you know, the salon has downsized and is now a non-walk in studio. An appointment must be booked online or over the phone – 01780480379
• We will stagger customer appointment times
• We will greet you warmly but without a hug
• Hand sanitiser must be used on entry to the salon, a wall unit has been put up inside near the door for you to use as you arrive and leave the salon. A sink is also available, please do not be offended if we ask you to wash your hands when you arrive.
• Clients must minimise what they bring as you will be asked to keep your belongings with you.
• We ask that clients attend their appointments alone. Unfortunately I no longer have the space to accommodate other family members or friends. Children and buggies will no longer fit inside the studio.
• If possible, please pay with card, bank transfer or paypal
• Our waiting area only has one seat available, we ask that you please turn up at your exact appointment time to avoid any cross over, please do not turn up early to help us adhere to social distancing measures.

We ask you, our customers to:

• Arrive at the time agreed to maximise social distancing
• Arrive with clean hair (I am very close to the top of your head, even though I will be covered in PPE, I am still leaning over you)
• To wear a new face mask (If you arrive without one there will be a small charge added to your bill as I will need to provide one for you)
• To wash your hands well as you arrive or use the hand sanitisers provided for you and again as you leave
• To contact us and re-arrange your appointment, at no additional cost, if you have a temperature or are feeling unwell or you are now isolating.
• Cancel your appointment via phone call or online if someone in your household is unwell or self-isolating
• Understand that we won’t be able to offer you any refreshments
• We are more than happy to discuss any of your individual concerns, please feel free to call the salon or message me directly on any social media platforms / email.

Thank you, Silke x